Give me a freaken break

I love how someone follows me on twitter and then write me an email to tell me how nasty I am and that I give gay people a bad name. This person sent me a very long email on how my nudity is what is wrong with the gay community. He said he's a gay man and as long as there were queers like me people would never understand the gay community or would accept us as being normal.

Okay let me break this down if I can. First if he is offend that I post pics of myself my boyfriend or my friends naked then why the hell are you following me on twitter? Yes I am a gay man but its only a small part of who I am above all I am a nudist and I'm not scared to share my body with those who want to look.

I never post pics of people who didn't give me the okay to do so. I respect my friends if they don't want there pics posted I don't do so. As far as me and Riley yes I post pics cause we both don't mind who sees us naked. No I'm not bragging it wouldn't matter what size I had I just like sharing.

As far as it looking bad on the gay community I don't agree with this cause there is many straight guys and gals who pose nude or take nude pics and post them. Besides I say if you got it post it while your young nobody wants to see and old dude naked. This way on the net no matter how old you are you will always be young.

So if what I do on twitter bothers you then stop following me yep it's that easy!
6 Responses
  1. Ain't that the damn truth though. I mean if they are offended, then why are the looking in the first place? Doesn't it seem logical that if you don't want to see naked pictures, you stop looking at where they are?! *sigh*

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    You're right, Ryan. I like seeing pictures of you naked, but I don't care for pictures of sexual activity, and that's why I don't follow you on Twitter, but I do follow you here.

    IMO, there's nothing at all wrong with non-sexual nudity, and that's not going to give the gay community a bad name. After all, there are plenty of straight nudists too.

  3. lauradeth Says:

    No words more true. I'm a straight girl and I've posted plenty of photos in the past (some are still on my blog and instagram). Am I making the straight community look bad? No. There are more pressing issues to complain about than whether or not a person gay or straight posts nudes online.

    People need to get a life stop interfering in others lives. As for twitter there's a unfollow/block option for a reason.

    Ignore the asshole, Sunshine and do what you wanna do xx

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I can't figure people like him out. As you note, why follow you if it offends HIM? Does he thing tweets are out there for EVERYONE to see? NO, dumbass, they're only seen by those who FOLLOW a person. Seems like he needs to get a life, and also figure out the technology he uses, too.

    That being said, it DOES bother me to see men (young and old) in underwear and revealing clothing at PUBLIC events like Pride parades. If we want to be seen by the general public as normal people, we (IMHO) shouldn't be having parades with half-naked, wet men on display. I mean, what would we think of marching bands if they showed up for the Thanksgiving Day parade in their underwear? We sure wouldn't think they were normal!

    What you do in private, and with your personal online accounts, is your business and your choice. I understand the Unfriend/Unfollow/Delete functions and why they are there. If you don't, you shouldn't be allowed to have an account in the first place! But when you make it public, as in ANYONE CAN SEE IT WHETHER THEY WANT TO OR NOT, then you are (again, IMHO, I'm not judging you or others) crossing a line and perhaps making it tougher on me as a gay man because people start to assume that I am like you in not wearing clothes in public places. It's sort of like the breastfeeding stuff that's been popping up in the news lately. Yes, breastfeeding is natural, it is normal, it is necessary. But UNFORTUNATELY, our society has sexualized breasts, and made them "dirty", so they aren't allowed out in public. And while perhaps they should be, perhaps, too, nursing mothers ought to have a little concern for others and pick a less public place to let junior suckle rather than shouting that she's being discriminated against because she flopped it out in a highly public place and someone who had no choice but to see it would have preferred not to - it's kind of the same as urinating in public, isn't it? Necessary, natural, normal, but not something you do in public for others to see.

    Just my nickel's worth (I think I passed 2 cents about 200 words ago!).

    Love ya, Ryan! Never change, dude! Thanks for letting us have our say.

    Peace <3

  5. Jay Ross Says:

    Well what can I say. If this person spent half as much time promoting helping gays achieve equal rights instead of searching for reasons to criticize others he would become a happier person

  6. Lash Sher Says:

    Wow! he said that? What a jerk! Don't listen to him! Keep rockin' and lovin' and livin' your life the way you want!