Queer as Folk Now and Then

I think I might have did a post before about queer as folk but after blogging all theses years I don't remember every post I've done so cause it's something going on in my life right now I'm going to do a post about it. I remember back in 2002 when queer as folk came out I was a young teen and I was so excited about this new show. My mom was never the kind to hide or ban me from watching something she would teach us have an open mind and just remember it's tv so what you see may not be how people really are.

So I remember Sunday nights in America was queer as folk night and I was there every Sunday waiting I was hooked and a big fan of the show. I also remember all the heat the show took and all the hate that came out over the show. I remember even some groups saying it was child porn cause the age of Justin and Brian being a child molester. I like many of you remember all the hate to the show and the gay community seems like the haters will grab a hold of whatever they can to make there hate okay.

Well I don't really want to talk about the haters I want to talk about the show. Was the show good for the gay community or did it hurt it? I don't know the answer really I can only speak for myself it open me up to things I didn't know about the gay community. It also showed me the bad that was out there I felt myself waiting to be like the players on the show also show me a lot about sex and how some people can just have sex for no reason at all. I found I could but I didn't like that part of me and felt bad when I did it.

But more than anything it showed me that gays could be like everyone else and be in a long term even marriage. It showed me that your circle of friends will always have your back and that you will have there's. Showed me as a single person I may not get my voice heard but stand as a community people will hear you. So I think the show did more good than bad and I was sad when it went off.

Another reason I'm doing a post about it my boyfriend Riley never knew or even heard of queer as folk until the last few months. Being tight with money in our household we had the cable shut off to save money so we gad free tv whatever our had tv picks up for free is what we get. I have over the years have pick up a ton of DVDs so we been going through the boxes and finding movies to watch when we have free time.

We open a box and there was my queer as folk DVDs and Riley ask what was this. So I explained it to him and said we should watch them since he's never seen the show and he was like hell yeah. So we started watching and were into the third season and let's say he is totally hook on it and we have talked about a lot of things that we've watched so far. Us being in a couple and being together for almost two years it's showing him things about life and has open us both up to talking to each other.

I can't speak for everyone else just for myself I think queer as folk was ground breaking for its time I think it was needed to open people up to the gay community. I don't believe everyone in the gay community acts like people on the show but maybe a part of us wish we could. So when we get done for me rewatching the show and Riley watching it all for the first time I'll do another post on it. But for now tell me how did you feel about the show? Do you wish they would do a reunion show? Or make a new queer as folk?
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  1. Polt Says:

    it was amazing at the time. And I too watched it every Sunday night, most of the time with friends. As it progressed, though, I thought it turned a bit to soap opera-y for my tastes. Nonetheless, I was sad too when it ended.

    Have you seen the original British version? For some reason, I almost like that version more. Something you might want to look into.


  2. mary gresham Says:

    Ryan, I didn't watch it when it came out, most likely because we didn't have cable where we live and at the time, we didn't have enough money for satellite television. But, last year I discovered QAF and I bought the first and second seasons, a friend gifted me the third and I bought the forth, which I haven't yet watched. I think the reason I haven't finished watching it all is because I don't want to see the end of it, lol.
    I can say, from what I have watched, I love it and I do wish they would do a reunion show, I would love to know what everyone is up to. Now saying that, I do realize that it is all fiction, but you know what I mean.
    As for having a new series, it's not a bad idea either, especially now, with how everything is changing.
    I haven't watched the British version, although it's available on Amazon prime, not sure about being on Netflix.
    But anyway, I can't wait to hear what Riley thinks about it.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Now, I wish I HAD watched it! In 2002 I was still very much in the closet, and odd as it may sound, that included NOT watching things like Queer As Folk. Dunno why. I watch TV alone in my loft.

    From what I've heard, I think it was a great thing for the gay community. It showed people that we're here, we're gay, and we're OK.

    Now I need to find it on DVD! Thanks, Ryan, for a cool post!

    Peace <3

  4. Planetx_123 Says:

    I was in highschool when it came out. I already knew that I was gay but wasn't out to anyone. I had a TV but no cable in my room. So I would sneak down to record the late showing of the new episode, then go upstairs and watch it. I wouldn't get to bed until 2am but it was worth it. I was so in love with Justin lol. It certainly played a big role in making "gay" feel normal -- despite me having to sneak around to record it.

    I own all of the DVDs and rewatch it every few years for nostalgia. It's always nice to hear people that had a similar experience.

  5. mary gresham Says:

    Jay, you definitely need to watch them. They're not hard to find on DVD, both Amazon and eBay have them and I've bought them both new and used, in excellent condition. Some sets cost more than others, no idea why. I still need the last season, but haven't really looked much for it lately, because as I said, I don't want to see the ending because I know I'm gonna bawl my eyes out, but that's nothing new, lol.

  6. zeph Says:

    It was amazing to see anything that openly gay on TV. Sure, it was a soap opera, grossly inaccurate, and probably had a much bigger audience of straight women than gay men. But it was fun, eye-opening, and often sexy.

    The American version is derived from the original British version, which is interestingly different in a number of ways. The British one didn't run as long, had less absurdly attractive guys, and a somewhat darker theme. Possibly worth a look.

  7. GayPornCum Says:

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  8. lauradeth Says:

    I completely love this show. I have the boxset and even the RAGE comic. I'm kinda a big fan!

  9. Just Says:

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