Going for Broke

There are a lot of things going on in our blog very soon you will be seeing a lot of changes. We were asked to be apart of something real big and right now that is all I can say about it. We have a friend that has lots of money and is backing us and some of the things that we will be doing. We have ads out on other blogs I can talk about that. Also it's time to but things in the past and move on. I am very bad at holding onto things when I felt I was done wrong. I also am man enough to admit when all the facts didn't come out until later that I held things against people that I shouldn't have.

I wish I could go into more details than that but for now I can't and will leave it at that. I am writing this post for me and Mikey more than anything else. I think once I am able to talk about the things we are doing you all in blog land will be happy. We have an ad out on a blog that in the past we had problems with. Now we decided long ago to de-link people that supported another blog and at the time we thought it was the right thing for us to do. Some new facts have come up along with a backer with money in the bank that talked to us and told us it's time to let things go. We agree and so we did.

Saying that I want to welcome an old blogger back to our blog, he is linked on the sidebar. Welcome back
Scotty! Thank for putting our ad on your blog. Now before I can forgive everyone for the things in the past I need to talk to Mikey and our money man. As it stands right now it will be hard to forgive everyone but a simple email or and comment might help. If not that's ok also I won't lose any sleep over it and will let them be. Life is to short for all the drama like the hate comments we been getting just because were gay. I will say this we will not block any comments from coming through good or bad we are man enough to take it. If they get to be threating then I will have my Dad deal with it.

As soon as I find out where our other ads are at I will be giving them a shout out and linking them also. That's about it for this Super Sunday I am getting ready to watch the game and this Atlanta Boy is pulling for Seattle to win it!

Later from Atlanta.
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