Ok.... One More Time

It's been a while since this topic was brought up. I thought it might be a dead issue but apparently it's not. This Ryan Mike and now even Ryans friend Andy is all the same person bullshit. One part of me tells me to let it go and whoever thinks what thats their right and let it roll off my back. Then the other part of me that gets pissed says hell no I can't. So one more time.

We owe no explainations to anyone but since you want to know Ill go into it again for about the fourth time. Im Mike in the profile pic thats me on the right. Im from a small town in West Virginia called Montgomery. Ryan's the cute one on the left in the pic. He's from Atlanta Georgia. Now about the same spelling errors or interpuncation as you called it. Hell I don't even know what interpuncation means but whatever. You may have noticed when Ryan comments he uses 2 for to and 4 for the word for u for you stuff like that. Well when he writes posts he sends them to me and tells me to fix the spelling errors. I don't spell any better but I do it cause I love him and end of story. So there's the big mystery behind the same spelling errors. As for Andy Ive never met the guy he's Ryan's neighbor so I don't know how he spells and frankly have more to do that sit and critique peoples grammer.

About seeing a pic of me and Ryan on here together that aint gonna happen. Ryan's posted pics before and they have been stolen by other people and used as their own so end of that idea. If you was to see a pic of us on here it would be holding a piece of paper saying Fuck You if you don't believe who we are move on to the next blog.

On to a sadder subject one of my states most famous people died the other day. Don Knotts who played deputy Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show. I mentioned before in a previous post this is my all time favorite show. I can remember watching the reruns from a very early age. It's about the only good time I ever remember with my father and that was because for 30 minutes he was quiet while the show was on. I also remember him later as Ralph Furley in the reruns of Three's Company. I loved him in that too. Ryan has all the Three's Company episodes on dvd and loved him in the series too.

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