Supporting The Troops Part 2

Another Tuesday not much going on I miss Mikey so much it hurts. I agree with our readers about Mikey's post and their comments. It's time to move on and put that dog to rest. We keep giving it legs by talking about it so from now on its in the past and will not be talked about by us again. This blog is open to all comments good or bad but understand this. We will answer back good or bad don't mean we don't like you or don't want your comments. We think a blog that is open to comments should take the good comments with the bad comments. So feel free to comment and say what's on your mind.

I want to thank you all for your comments and emails I got on Andy and I printed out all the emails and gave them to him. I just wanted to clear up something up. I do support the troops 100% I said I don't agree with why we are there but I do support our troops. As far as me joining up I said why should I support a country that don't support me. What I mean by that is I am gay and proud of that fact but my country treats me like I am a second class citizen. I don't have the same rights as straight Americans and most of my readers agree with me on that just go down a couple post and look. It was said I was using the Gay card and I was coward cause I didn't sign up and go to war.

I am an American even though I am treated like a second class citizen in my own country. I still believe we have a right to choose different things. So I choose not to fight in a war I don't think is right in the first place. Even if I could they wouldn't take me and it has nothing to do with being gay it has to do with health issues I have. So if having these health issues makes me a coward then I guess I am one.

Do any of you believe in Angels I do and I want one like this!

Later from Atlanta!
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