HNT/An Old Friend

Awesome another Thursday and I can go around to my favorite blogs and see my favorite people half clothed who could ask for more. I could full nekkid I know but I love nekkid people I can't help it. When Mikey was here we got some good pics so in the next few weeks be looking for them. Also I have a question we have some pics of us in different kinds of undies from boxers to jock straps and even maybe a almost see thru undies. Ok here's my question in some of them undies pics we were how you say hard. How much is to much for HNT? I mean if we put up pics of us hard but not showing but bulging in the undies is that to much for our readers?

I see Joshua has tracked me down again. Welcome Joshua play nice or we will ban your ass. For those who are new to this blog I had another blog called "boy on boy" and when me and Mikey became a couple we joined blogs it was easier that way. Anyway Joshua was on my other blog a lot speaking hate most the time and I had to ban him a few times. I was told Joshua is the grandson of Fred Phelps but I am not sure of that even though all his info points that way. Both Mikey and I looked at the ip and all the stuff we have to track on this blog and it comes from someone in Phelps clan but not sure who. Look at the comments from the post under this one and you will see what I am talking about. Just be nice Joshua and you can have your say.

That's it from Atlanta Happy HNT Everyone!

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