What Do You Like? / HNT

Since its HNT I was thinking this was a good time to bring this subject up. I better warn you I may get a bit graphic.

I want to talk about if yall prefer circumsied or not. Ive read some about it on the internet and how it's done for religous reasons. Also how parents choose to have it done because to be circumsied is more hygenic. That is total bullshit. I happen to be uncut and have had no complaints from Ryan.

Anyway I was wondering what everyone preferred cut or uncut. Ladies please answer too. I would love to know your preference. Like I said I am uncut and Ryan loves it. He loves getting his tongue under my skin and licking around my head. Omg that feels so good. Ryans cut but has a little skin when he's soft. But when all 9 inches gets hard its gone. To be honest I would rather he be uncut. It's perfect now but omg if he was. So let us know what you prefer cut or uncut. Also guys tell us what you are. Don't be shy.

Since were on the subject of cocks here's 2 of the undie pics we promised. Hope you like.
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