A Dream A Question

I will have a Nascar post tomorrow with pics and all the details from the rained delay race. I wanted to get this post in. I wanted to get you alls thoughts on it. This happen to me a few days ago and its never happen before. I will warn you some of it might be a little x-rated for some of you but I feel I need to tell it like it happened so you can understand why I was confused of the dream in the first place.

I had this sexual dream the other night and I called Mikey in the middle of the night to tell him about it. He thought it was a good idea that I ask you all about it so that's why I am going to post it. The dream involved a girl I know and in the dream we were dating. She knew I was gay but she didn't care she said she could make me happy if I just gave her a chance. Now here is where it got strange. We were in my bed and we were naked and having sex. Now the kind of sex we were having was not like a man and women would have. She did give me a blow job but she also used a dildo on me to make me happy. Never once did I go down on her or even suck on her tits but she had no problem using them toys to get me off.

Now I woke up with a boner and I was horny. Like I said I called Mikey at work and was telling him about the dream and how it confused me. Not confused me in the way I am saying I am straight I know I am not. I am gay and I love guys. I am just confused on why I would dream something like this. For the record while I was talking to Mikey on the phone he used his sexy ass voice to get me off. I know call me a pervert but when your boyfriend lives miles away phone sex is something that you do and I must admit I am good. He tells me I make him cum hard ok make fun of me. I am a young male with a toy between my legs that I like to play with ok!

Anyway my question is this has any other gay guy had this dream or a gay girl ever dream about a guy this way?

Watch for the Nascar post tomorrow Later from Atlanta!
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