What a week last week was and I got an extra day of the sport I love thanks to the rain. Sunday's race as most of you know was rained out so they did the race on Monday. I know two guys that were happy with the winner the first is my baby Mikey his driver won and the other guy would be Kasey Kahne himself he was so happy after the race. I know some of you don't like my Nascar posts to well but I have to talk about it I think it's the southern boy in me. Wait until baseball season I will drive you crazy with that also. When my Braves are playing I am either at the game when their in town or right in front of the TV watching. I had such a great time at the track and getting to meet some of my hero's was almost to much for me.

Oh Brad ask me what kind of camera I have well I have two that I use. The one I take to special places is a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. The one we use for HNT or just everyday pics is Canon Powershot A520 hope that answers your question Brad. I want to say thanks for the comments and emails on my dream post. I am looking into some of your advice. I just know I am gay and I don't want to make out with a girl it just shocked me that's all. If you been reading a while you might remember my first time I did try to do it with a girl and what happen so I know I don't want to have sex with a girl. Well this Thursday Mikey is doing the post and I think he is going to be using us bulging but I am not 100% sure on that so check back in on Thursday to see what he puts up.

Later from Atlanta.

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