How We Met

In a post Ryan made last week he asked if anyone had in questions they would like to ask us. We got several already and I thought I would answer one of them now. Ill start with Brad's question about how Ryan and I met. I was the one who found Ryan he didn't find me. This was about a year and 2 months ago. Being from this small town I don't meet many gay people so I went online and was looking for gay blogs. I typed in cute boys in bloggers search bar and guess who was on the top of the list. Yep Ryan this was when he had his old Boy in Atlanta blog. Any way I seen his pic and thought to myself OMG he's cute as hell. I read his blog from start to finish in about a day. I seen he liked the Atlanta Braves so I emailed him and told him I did to and said I thought he was cute not even thinking about him as a boy friend. I was just trying to make conversation. I was surprised when he emailed me back the next day. He talked about the Braves some and said thanks for thinking he was cute. He did ask for a pic and for those that don't know use to be and still is to some extent something I don't do. Take a lot of pics I mean. I just don't like the way I look but anyway. It took a couple days but I did take a pic and send it to him. He wrote back and said I was cute which blowed my mind. He also said we should chat sometime on yahoo. We did chat and then started talking on the phone after a while. I thought he had the sweetest voice I had ever heard. I also thought he was very funny. He could make me laugh at anything.

Ryan had a boyfriend at the time and I really wasnt thinking about him as being my future boyfriend. I just thought of him as a friend. Just my luck though he broke up with the guy he was seeing a while after that. He was the one who asked if I wanted to come to Atlanta and meet him. I thought it was to far to be going and asked if we could meet in the middle. So we agreed to meet in Charlotte that weekend. When I first seen him in person he was cuter than any pic I had ever seen of him.
Brad had also asked if we had any previous boyfriends so Ill answer that too. Ryan had a couple and was honest in telling me all about them. Ryan is the only person I have ever been with so yes I was a virgin. To be honest he had sent me nude pics before we met but they didn't even compare to seeing him naked in person. I know Ive mentioned before that Ryan is big but let's just say I was shocked at actually how big. Anyway we had the time of our lives that weekend. Just for the record the first time we did it was in the shower:) He didn't ask me to be his boyfriend right then. It was about a week or so later when we was talking on the phone. I know this was a long answer sorry about that. I just didn't want to leave anything out. If anybody else has any questions feel free to ask. Ryan gave his address and mine is in my profile but here it is again.

Omg I got the surprise of my life Friday. Ryan called me from the track and we was talking. All the sudden he says I have someone who wants to say hi to you. It was my favorite driver Kasey Kahne. I was speechless at first and then called him sir. How stupid is that. He's only 26 years old. I was thrilled to get to talk to him but if I had a hold of Ryan I would bust his ass for springing that on me. Then I would have to kiss it and make it better:)
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