Fairy Tales Do Come True

Someone left a comment the other day about Ryan and I being blessed and our being together seems like a fairy tale story. I am definitely blessed because of finding Ryan and him loving me. Ryan is the one who is certainly blessed. His mom loves him just the way he is. His dad even though they argue sometimes has accepted him being gay and loves him. He has a beautiful brother and sister that he loves very much so he's got a nice life and is blessed in many ways. The reason I don't want to rush into moving to Atlanta and being with Ryan is because I don't want to have to live off anyone else. I want to be sure I can make it on my own. Growing up we never had much. I haven't mentioned it on here before but my father was a drunk blowed every penny he got his hands on on a bottle of whiskey. I reckon it comes down to I don't like taking what I think is charity from people. To be honest Ryans house is so big we could live in a part of it and never even see his mom or dad. His mom even mentioned something about Ryan and I building our own house on a part of their property. I would have to make sure there was something drawn up so I could make payments back to them. That may be a good idea Ryan could stay close to his family but we would be far enough away so we could have our privacy. Were still discussing it so it may happen.
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