HNT / Mikey Mia?

Mikey is mia no not really he lost his net connection right in the middle of posting his HNT. So here I am again posting hope you all don't mind. He was going to post the pics of us in undies with bulges but you will have to wait another week for that cause I don't have a copy of them. Hope you don't mind I am going to put up a shot of our legs. Also thanks for the emails with questions I was surprised by all the questions and I and Mikey will get to them very soon I think some of them will make for some great posts. If any still have questions please email them and we will get to them make sure you leave your name and blog so we can give props to you. My email is Well that's it for tonight I just got off the phone with Mikey and he was on his way to work and he made me honry so I need to whack off and get some sleep I have a busy day tomorrow I just love Nascar being in town this week.

Later from Atlanta.
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