Having A Blast!!

I am having such a blast this week with Nascar being in town. I am staying at the speedway with my friend in his RV. I have got to meet a lot of my favorite drivers. I feel so much like a groupie but I don't care. Did anybody watch Speed Channel last night? My friend was doing an interview and he pulled me into it. My Mom and some friends Nexteled me and said OMG you was on TV. I was like yeah I know how cool. I was so shocked. He told them I taught him how to swim that he went to school with me and I was a champion swimmer. They ask me if he was as fast at swimming as driving a car. All I could say is he's getting there. Only thing that could make this weekend any better is if Mikey was here with me.

I do have a strange story I will be posting about soon. It's about a dream I had the other night and it just took me by surprise. I called and talk to Mikey about it he thought it would be good to talk to you all about. Maybe you all could help me with what it means. So look for that post I think it might be Monday or Tuesday before I can sit down long enough to write it out. Also I will have some Atlanta race pics on Monday for those who want to see. I know you all get tired of coming to this blog and me going on about Nascar.

Hope everyone is having a awesome weekend like I am.
Later from the Atlanta Motor Speedway!

Oh Mikey's driver won the pole for Sunday's race. I called Mikey yesterday and gave him a surprise but I will let him tell you about it. I also got Mikey some autographs.

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