Happy Days

I spent yesterday with a friend that I went to school with the best part about it is he is a race car driver. Now I am not going to say his name because I have enough to deal. Besides all he needs is his name ran through the mud. We spent the day at the track and I met a few other drivers. The one I am waiting to get to talk to again is Brian Vickers. Now as much as I am a fan of my friend I am a big fan of Brian's. Last year I met Brian but he was so busy I didn't get to spend much time with him. He is going to be in town today and my friend has set it up so we all three can have lunch together and hang out and I am so happy right now.

Brian Vickers

Brian again

I think about the only thing that would make this week any better is if Mikey was here also to share this with me. I tried to talk him into staying all week but he couldn't. He had work and some other things to take care of. I even tried to talk him into coming back down this weekend for the race but again he couldn't cause of work. I can't wait until he moves down here and were together all the time. Even my friend told me you really like Mikey you talk about him all the time. I said I do he said yeah like every other word. I guess I do.

I want to say again thanks for the comments and the support and I am going to take Mikey's advice and yours also and not let these pests get to me. They know how to push my buttons. Sad part is I let them and they feed on that. So from now on I am going to try not to let them get to me. I always find it funny when people have nothing better to do then cause a lot of shit for other people. Man I wanted to post a little about my weekend but I am running out of time. Well all I will say is I had some really good sex and my lips are still sore from come get your head out of the gutter from kissing.

I had an idea that maybe you all might want to take a part in I was thinking if any of you had some questions for me or Mikey you would like to ask we would pick some and answer them on the blog. I will take a chance and give my email out just if you send us a question make sure you give us your name and your blog if you have one so if we pick your question to put on our blog we can make sure people come and check your blog out also. my email is ryryt87@yahoo.com

Later from Atlanta.
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