My Baby Brother & Friends Gay???

What a crazy weekend. I know I don't talk about my family on here much anymore for many reasons. For those new readers the main reason why is I don't like to drag them into my blog for people to use it against me later and many people have so I try to leave them out of the blog. This weekend is going to be different. I want to talk about my baby brother and his party. He turned 15 over the weekend and my parents agreed to let him have a party with his friends. They went into Atlanta for the weekend and let me be in charge of the party. Of course they Nexteled many times to make sure things were ok. All the boys that came over stayed the night so nobody would get into trouble.

Now I can't lie and say I didn't let them drink and a few of them against my judgment took in a little wacky weed. I knew no one was leaving so I didn't say much to them about doing it other than it would burn up some of their brain cells. They just laughed at me and went on with their smoking. Now at the party I took some great pics. Some I am going to share with you some I can't. Take in mind most of these boys are underage and I can't show their faces. I wouldn't anyway cause I would be scared it would come back to haunt them some day. All I know is they had the time of their life and I did also watching them. I feel really old after the party and to think I am only 3 to 4 years older than these boys.

Later From Atlanta.

Friday Night Birthday Fun.

My brother kissing his friend.

Boy's mooning.

Not sure what's going on here.

Some of these boy's were streaking around the house.

This boy's name is Steven he is 18 and gave me the ok to put it up. Not sure why he was in the neighbors yard naked.

Boy peeing off the balcony in my brothers room.

Random boy's butts 1 of these belong to my brother.

This boy I found taking a shower in the downstairs bathroom.

This boy was in my shower that's in my room. Don't worry Mikey I sent him right out!

This boy I found in the morning after the party in my brothers bed and they were naked. Now what am I suppose to think about my baby brother. Is he in another family that I belong to. I think I need to talk to that boy!

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