From One Gay to All Others

Many of you that have came over from my old blog know that I was jumped and beat up by some boy's I went to school with they did some damage and all I could was try to stay alive. Well they were caught and a few of them turn themselves in. They went to court and got what they got. I can't say I was happy with it but at least they got something. The reason I bring this up is I want to talk about hate.

Not hate from straight on gay hate but gay hate on gay. It seems to me we want the same rights as everyone else only thing is I feel we hurt our own cause more than some straight people do. Why is this? Why does it seem we fight each other more than straight people fight us. I bring this up because a friend of mine was going out with this controlling guy and it didn't work out. As we all know someone who is controlling it never works out.

Well he has this new boyfriend and his ex called to wish him a Happy Easter and my friend said they were going to this gay club in town and his ex showed up. Now I didn't know the ex that well but I know he made my friends life a hell while they were together but what happen just pissed me off so bad I am mad at all of them. Why he showed up there I don't know but there were words and the ex got beat up. Now this is what ticks me off why didn't my friend and his new boyfriend just walk away. The hate on our own people is just wrong and like I said I am pissed at all of them.

We need to stop this hate on our own people. How can we stand up and fight for rights when we bring ourselves down. I just feel this is just what the church and straight people look for to keep us down. We have to be better than them we have to be a group of people that they look and say look at the gay community they have love for everyone. There is no hate going on with them we should be more like them. Being what they call second class citizens we need to be better than they are. People listen we need to stop this violence we have toward each other and stand up and be the best we can be.

Later from Atlanta.
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