Brotherly Love

Easter weekend I went to the beach house with my family. I so wanted Mikey to be there but he couldn't cause he had to work so I thought it was going to be a suck ass weekend. Something happen that weekend that brought me closer with my Brother. As many of you know I was the only child for a long time then my Father wasn't honest with me or my Mom and had a secret family. For some of you new readers it all came to a head one day and he told us the truth. My Parents split up and my Dad went to live with the other family.

I don't give many details anymore about my family for I have some people that read this blog that try to twist things around and use it to hurt me so I stop talking about my family. Anyway my Mom & Dad work things out and he came back home but when he did he brought my Brother and baby Sister with him. Now I wasn't happy about this and I guess you could say I was a little mean to them. Over time I learn to deal with them and love the fact I had a Brother and Sister. Me and my Brother hit it off and he look up to me and I love it but it was like there was always something there that didn't let us get real close.

Jump to Easter weekend and he didn't bring any friends to the beach house and Mikey couldn't come so we kinda buddy up and hung out played games and got to talk. We talk about everything his Mom and him coming to live with us and he told me how much he loved me and it made me cry. I told him how sorry I was for being a bitch when he first come to stay with us. We just bonded and it was great I am not going into everything we talk about. I don't want it to be used in the wrong way.

All I know is I am very happy that I have a Brother & Sister and I forgave my Dad for what he did. I am very blessed I have a Brother I can talk to and that I can be here for him to talk too. Mikey is a big country music fan and when I told him about how me and Brother bonded he sent me this song and it fit for me and my Brother and I wanted to share the words with you all.

Later from Atlanta.

Brotherly Love

We shared the same last name and the same color eyes,
But we fought like tigers over that old red bike.
"I'm battin' first and you can't use my glove."
It wouldn't take long until push came to shove.
But we looked out for each other,
With brotherly love.

You hated girls 'til I had my first date.
I brought her home from the movies; you stayed up late.
Three on the couch watchin' T.V.
I was smilin' at her while you were laughin' at me.
But, I wouldn't trade it for nothin'.
Brotherly love.

There's a bond that brothers know,
And it gets stronger as they grow.
A love that time and miles can't come between.
We disagree but in the end,
There will never be two closer friends.
And brotherly love is something we all need.

They share the same last name and the same color eyes,
But they fight like tigers over one ol' red bike.
And lookin' at them reminds me of us.
They're gonna fight and they're gonna fuss.
But, they've got something special,
It's brotherly love.

Yeah, they've got something special,
It's brotherly love.

By Earl Thomas Conley / Keith Whitley
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