What City Sunday And A Fuck You

1. This city airport opened in 1931.
2. This city is know as the "The Magic City"
3. The distance from this city to Washington DC is 680 miles.
4. This city was first known as Elyton and was just a small settlement of farming families.
5. Named for the industrial city of the same name in England this city was founded in 1871 where two railroads crossed. Due to its location as a industrial center, it grew rapidly and became a magnet for iron and steel production.
6. The population of this city is approximately 242,820

I want to say a big FUCK YOU to the asshole complaining about Ryan's grammer. I thought it was someone who had said something about it before and was gonna let it go cause he knows how I feel about him. This prick though is from Saskatchewan, Canada so he's new and I just wanted to tell him to fuck off. I reckon you got the meaning of that thru my bad grammer.
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