HNT/ Opening Up

Someone asked in a email what Ryan and I thought of each other the first time we met face to face. So we decided to share that with you today. Ryan's answer is in blue and mine is in red.

I remember the first time I saw Mikey in person it was in a motel room. I knocked on the door and he answered. I was scared to death I had never done anything like that before but knew it was what I wanted. After months of talking it was time. Mikey was very shy and to some point he still is. I mean I am open about my sexuality and Mikey isn't. He still don't like to walk around naked in front of me. When I am asked to describe Mikey I always say he is the cutest boy I have ever seen. He has the prettiest pale skin I have ever touched and he is uncut and to me that is so hot. I still remember the first kiss and me touching his body and him shaking so bad. I think his shyness makes him so cute. I want to kiss him so bad right now.

I had seen plenty of pics of him but seeing him in person was something else entirely. A picture doesn't really show how gorgeous and hot he is. Im a shy person with people Ive never met and though I had talked to him all kind of times I was actually speechless. As far as describing the kind of person he is Im a bit biased but he is the sweetest person Ive ever met. He's also very funny. When he seen how shy I was meeting him for the first time he made me feel so at ease by joking and being funny. He doesn't like talking about himself much. Like for instance him having diabetes and not hearing good. He has mentioned it here on the blog but very little. It's just something he lives and deals with and would rather keep it to himself. He is also very opinionated when it comes to things he doesn't agree with and don't care to speak his mind. The times Ive visited his house I have heard him and his dad get into some heated discussions about gay issues mostly but also about Bush and the war in Iraq. If anybody else has any questions feel free to ask. We'll answer them all eventually.

Our HNT pics this week is one of Ryan on the beach when he went to the beach house over Easter weekend and mine is a pic of me in Ryan's hot tub on one of my visits to his house I thought I would share.

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