My Fishin Trip / HNT

I wanted to tell yall a little bit about my "fishin trip" I went on last weekend. I know some people who come to our blog don't like us talking about sex but I think those that want to know about it outweigh those who don't. Here's a heads up to those who don't want to read the details. Leave Now.

I had a awesome weekend which goes without saying. I beat Ryan to the hotel he was a little late but he was definitely worth waiting for. First I thought I would shower before he got there. Then I thought better of it. If I showered then when he got there I wouldn't have an excuse to get in with him. Not that I needed any. He got to the room and after a little kissing we showered. We soaped each other up real good and got all nice and clean. Amazingly we didn't do it in the shower but we did give each other a blowjob just to get us nice and hard but we didn't cum. I started in on eating his ass as soon as we got to the bed. I know Ive mentioned it before but OMG his ass is so tight and perfect. I made my way up to his big cock after a while and worked on it real slow. Then down to his big balls. Maybe Ive said it before but his balls hang like a bulls. Just right for sucking on. Of course Im hard as a rock now from all this so it's time to do something about it. I enter him and man did it feel good on my cock his tight ass squeezing on it. I got his legs up on my shoulders and while Im fucking him Im sucking on his toes cause I know he loves that and so do I. Im holding off cumming as long as I can but finally I can't stand it any longer and shoot my load in his ass. Ok you may think Im nasty and its tmi but I ate his ass as my cum was oozing out of it. After I was done then I gave him a blowjob he'll remember until I give him the next one. He's so big it's almost a two man job but i managed to take care of it. I could have used help with the cum though. Ive never seen anyone cum so much and I have trouble getting it all. Thats about it then we went to sleep. I did wake him up the next morning sucking on his cock but I wont get into that.

The pics of us today are just 2 I had laying around on my computer. I thought I would give you a little glimpse of what I caught on my "fishin trip". It's a nice one don't you think?

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