Nice Buns

I had an ok weekend not much really to talk about. There is one thing that happen that is kinda funny. People that read this blog knows but for the new readers I am kinda like a nudist. I don't know why but I have always like running around naked ever since I was a kid. When I was younger Mom & Dad didn't say much about it. I guess I was little and it wasn't that much of a big deal. When I got a little older they both spoke to me about it amd said that nothing is wrong with being naked or the human body but when we had company I need to wear clothes or stay in my room. So me being naked was confined to my room and that was ok I didn't mind.

Now I know some of you will think I am strange but I have never hid my nakedness from my parent's. It just seem natural to me so I never did it even in my teenage years. Being this way I think made me more open to my parents and I could talk to them about anything. I am still this way today and when Mikey came and stayed with us he was like I can't be naked if were not having sex. I told him I understand and didn't except him to be. To be honest I had him naked more than he wanted to be but that's another story. So when my siblings came to live with us I was careful not to be naked in front of them well more my Sister than my Brother but wanted them to get use to being here first. Didn't take long before me and my Brother were comfortable being naked in front of each other but again that is another story another day.

The story I wanted to tell is over the weekend my nakedness was seen by someone else. It was late Saturday night like 3 am and I was hungry thought I would go downstairs make me a sandwich and get a glass of milk. Now I am totally naked and thought I should put some shorts on but I said hell it's 3 am everyone is in bed I would run down there grab the sandwich and milk back to my room no harm done right? Wrong! I went down the back stairs and into the kitchen and to my surprise when I open the door was my Mom's friend that came to stay this weekend. Here I am totally butt ass naked and standing there in shock.

I don't brag about myself as many of you know but I tried to cover myself but that's not an easy job to do with the thing I got hanging between my legs. She said Ryan what a surprise I said tell me about it. Why I didn't turn around and run I will never know. She handed me a kitcken towel to cover my front with a kitchen towel it not going to cover much. I went on to explain I was hungry and didn't think anyone was up. She went on to tell me it was ok she said last time she seen me naked I was streaking through the house at age six. She said looks like things have changed a bunch for you since then. We both just laughed.

She ask what kind of sandwich I wanted and I told her peanut butter and jelly and a glass of milk. She fixed it for me. I stood behind the center bar in the kitchen while she made it. I told her how sorry I was if I made her feel uncomfortable. She said please Ryan it's been forever since I seen a man naked. I should be thanking you for still running around naked in your house. We both just laughed again. I asked her if she could turn around while I grab my milk and sandwich and she did I got back to the door to go up into my room and she said Ryan. I turn my head and said yes. She said nice buns I bet your boyfriend is real happy and thanks for making my stay so memorable and making this old woman's heart beat again. I said your only in your 40's your not old and thanks for saying my buns are nice. We both just laughed.

Later from Atlanta.
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