Pass The Soap

I wanted to say I was sorry for losing my temper and cussing in my last post. I normally don't cuss like that and wasn't brought up that way. In fact Ive had my mouth washed out with soap to many times to count. I have to get really mad to do that and I was. It's just that when I hear someone putting down Ryan I feel like I have to protect him. Ever since he was attacked last year about this time by those boys I feel the need to jump to his defense when someone upsets him. I heard him crying from the broken ribs and the stitches in his head and wished like hell I was there when it happened to get my hands on the punks. The ribs and the stitches healed but he still lives with what they said to him and called him. Anyway all Im doing is trying to protect him from being hurt. So if I lose my temper again and use bad language you'll know Im mad and please forgive me.
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