Updates And Happenings

I know before I have talked about working on some big projects. Well I am not one to toot my own horn but everything is falling into place. First off I don't want to come on our blog and brag about this or that or say were doing work for this or that but I do want to let you all in on a little bit of stuff we been doing. As some will remember I said I had some work in a couple of magazines but wanted to make sure things were on the up and up so my Dad's lawyer looked into the contracts and gave his ok.

The first was local here in Atlanta and it was funny how it came about. I helped this woman last year who got stuck in some water when the rain came and she tried to drive through it. I took off my shoes and socks and went in to help her out of her car. Come to find out she was a talent agent for different magazines and she told me I had great looking feet,I should model them. At first I blew it off but she gave me a card so out of the blue I called her and I went in and talked with her. The rest is history as my legs and feet are in magazines in the Atlanta area selling sandals.

Next is a good friend of me and Mikey who use to be a blogger that is starting his own gay magazines. It's all but wrapped up from what I hear and is coming out in July I believe. Well the good news here is he ask me and Mikey to be in the first issue not only be in it he asked us to be on the front cover. It took some doing but I talked Mikey into it and I have to say the photo shoot was hot. I still whack off thinking of Mikey with them sexy clothes on and our bare asses touching each other while the guys was taking our photos.

I will say this about the magazine it's not like any other gay mag out there. We were not painted or powdered up in our shoot. He told us that he is looking for everyday gay people not the ones that need to be painted up to look hot. He said he wanted people that are older maybe a little over weight everyday gay people. I also know the magazine will have different gay outings and events in there along with health articles. I also know there is a big star that is backing my friend up and she will also have a column in this magazine. That's all I am allowed to say about it right now other than I have been told it's due out in July or August. I am not sure what cities their going after but I will let you know where you can get a copy.

Next and this is big we finally found a web designer that we like and trust and the guy is working on a new site for me and Mikey. We will be moving from blogger as soon as everything is set up and running. We looked into different web designer but me being picky I wanted the best and I found him. I am so psyched about this move. I think it will do our blog so much good. I mean we already have people wanting to place ads on it and I don't mean little company's. We have a few big company's that have said they would run ads on our website. We also will be doing some more things on there then we do on this blog. We will feel more safe on there since everything will be copyrighted.

Also I have talked Mikey into selling a homemade porn video we made. I want to make copies and offer it for sale when we open our new site. I want to use the money for our life together. I have talked to a few people that are in the porn business that asked me if I wanted to get into it. I told them no but after I thought about it and me and Mikey made a few tapes only for us to watch when we was apart I thought we should maybe do it while we were young. I didn't want to work for someone else or I didn't want to have sex with a lot of guys and it don't mean anything. I talk to Mikey and said if we do these right and get the lawyer involved and make sure we have everything copyrighted we could use to make money for our future. I will keep you updated on this project also.

That's all the updates for now from Atlanta.
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