Ryan's Nice Buns / HNT

Ryan's post about his naked run in with his mom's friend got me to thinking about his cute butt. Like it's not on my mind all the time. I was wondering what all of you prefer when it comes to your partners butts. Hairy or shaved? Ryan's butt isn't all that hairy really. He used to shave everything except his head when he was on the swim team in school. He don't do much anymore other than trim his pubes and balls a little. He did shave everything once just to let me see how he looked. He was hot of course but I didn't care for the razor bumps. I see guys with razor bumps all over their chest and bellys and to me it's a turn off. So I reckon I like my guys ass a little hairy when Im down there in it.

I myself am not that hairy so I don't really worry about it. Plus Ryan says he loves it just the way it is. I personally don't like the way my butt looks but Ryan loves it and he's the only one down there so that's all that matters.

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