Hanging On

Let me fill you in on what I can about my stalker/freak. I can't give much info I been asked not to by the state prosecutor. He is being charged with stalking, attempted kidnap, invasion of personal privacy. He plead not guilty and the judge set his bond at $100,000 and he made bail. So I haven't heard when the court date is but it will be a few months I am sure. It always is right? The judge did order him to stay away from me and if he came with in 500 feet of me he would be arrested and his bail revoked. I will keep you updated as I can but until it goes to trial I can't say too much. Thanks to all of you that left me a comment or sent me an email wishing good wishes. That means a lot to know so many of you care. I am just confused on why someone would hate me so much just from reading a blog.

Hanging on in Atlanta.
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