That Sweet Smell / HNT

I have been thinking it's time for me to go visit Ryan again. This crap with the stalker has got me worried about him and missing him more than usual. I wanted to go this Friday but I have relatives coming in and Ryan wouldn't hear of it. So the earliest I can go is the following Friday which is June 9th. So Im certainly gonna have something to look forward to for the 10 days.

Ok you will probably think Im a big baby or something when I tell you this but here goes. Some months back I was telling Ryan how much I missed him when were apart and how I loved the way he smelled all the time. So he has this special teddy bear that he has had for a while and he slept with every nite. He takes his favorite cologne, Abercrombie & Fitch's Ezra Fitch and sprays it all over the bear and sends it to me. I had asked him before what kind of cologne he used and he told me Ezra Fitch. The boys crazy spraying that all over the bear. The stuff cost like 79 dollars for a 3.5 oz bottle. I told him it was to expensive and he was wasting it.He said it was for me and it didn't matter how much it cost I was worth it. He also told me a story about when he was real little he had a bear. He wanted to name it Ryan same as him. But he couldn't say Ryan clearly so he named it Wyan. So that's my bears name Wyan and he sleeps with me everynite smelling just like my baby.

I thought we would take a couple pics we used before and play with them a bit to see what they look like. So I did a little fooling around with them. We hope you like. Instead of a cartoon or painting Im posting a pic of Wyan half nekkid which is the way he stays all the time. Yes he's just as cute as Ryan.

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