Spring Allergies

Wouldn't it be cool if we could have all the pretty flowers and trees without the pollen in the air. The reason I say that is my allergies are giving me fits. It wouldn't bother me so much if my nose was just runny. That's never been my problem though. Its my eyes that bother me. They itch and burn and tear up like crazy. I wear contacts almost all the time but have to switch to glasses every year around this time. Trust me they don't help my looks any.

Another thing about spring and summer I don't like is the sun. I can't be out in it for to long or I burn real bad. As you have probably noticed in a few of my pics Im white as a sheet. I do tan a little but for the most part I just turn real red then it goes away and Im white again. I was wondering what everyone's favorite season is. Mine I reckon would have to be winter. I love the snow and the cold tempertures. Walking in the woods right after it's snowed and the temp about 20 degrees. You being the first one to walk in the fresh fallen snow. Probably the only one that's gonna walk in it.

Here's some pics of some flowers and trees around my town. I had to take pics of neighbors flowers. I sure as hell ain't getting out and planting any the way their screwing with my allergies.

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