A Guest

This week we have a guest for HNT. This guy is a blogger we all blog with he can't do HNT on his blog his family reads it. He ask me not to give out his name or blog because of the family maybe he will live a comment and say who he is. Let's show him some love and maybe he will send me some more pics for another guest shot on HNT. I want to personally say what a great ass he has!

I also want to put up this pride pic that is going around the net. This is pride month and until we have the say rights as all Americans I think we should show our pride.

On another note I am so happy tomorrow Mikey will be here and I can't wait to hold him. Mom said I been acting like a little kid with a new toy I guess I am. We will be back next week with HNT pics of us I thought this was a good change and want to thank the guest blogger for showing us his cute little ass!

Happy HNT Later from Atlanta!
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