I Love The Taste Of Cantaloupes

I see all the advice everyone has given Ryan about the blog. Thanks for your input. If he wanted to quit the blog just because he's tired of it I wouldn't have a problem with it. But him wanting to stop blogging cause of assholes comments and shit like that that's something I can't stand. He's stronger than he realizes and I have to remind him of that sometimes. If you've read his old blog and this one you may know he gets depressed sometimes and takes medication for it. He's doing better now. I talked to him today and also to his mom. Their going to the beach house for the weekend and she invited me down. I have some vacation time coming so I took her up on her invitation. We'll have a good time and Ill put him in a better mood for sure.

I know I shouldn't comment on comments but when someone thinks there getting something over on me well I have to. Shane/Gregg you got nerve to mention someone having balls yet you comment as 2 different people. Yeah I went and dug up your info. Both of you are from Atlanta you use a Mac computer and firefox browser. You mentioned Ryans balls. Well I have first hand knowledge of them you might say and their the size of cantaloupes. What have you got grapes asshole!!
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