Look Mom I Brought A Boy Home

Ryan mentioned in an earlier post that I was thinking about having him come here for a visit. So I been working on that and I think it's gonna be in a couple weeks maybe sooner if were lucky. It'll be a delicate situation because as I've mentioned before my I've never told my mom Im gay. Im sure she's got a clue or two in the past that I am but we just don't talk about stuff like that. I wanted to show Ryan my little town which wont be that easy either. In a town the size of mine practically everybody knows each other. I can just imagine the gossip after people seeing me around town with a cute strange boy. So I reckon we can get a hotel room in Charleston which is about a 30 mile drive from my house. That wont be to bad. He wants to see my house so I was thinking I could catch my mom not home and show him around. I know her schedule pretty good so I know I can catch her not home. May even be enough time to jump in the bed for a quickie:)

Actually I was sort of hesitant to show Ryan my house. Not that I don't want him to see it. It's just that compared to his house it's not much really. He told me it's not about what my house looks like it's cause it's where I live and that's why he wants to see. So he's going to and real soon.
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