You Guys Rock

You know I didn't think blogging would come back and bite me in the ass not once but twice but now I think about it twice is not that bad. I look at what blogging has done for me. I met my wonderful boyfriend blogging made some great friends and the support I get from all of you just takes the two bad things and pushes them so far back in my mind I will soon forget they even happened.

I don't know if I say it enough but I want to take this post and make sure I say it. Thanks for all your support. I wish I could give you all a hug that has either left me a comment or sent an email. When my spirits were down you guys pick me up. You guys rock and I want you to know that. I will keep blogging as long as I have readers like you. I think the support we all give each other makes blogging fun and a great tool.

Thank You from Atlanta!!

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