Locked & Loaded

How does one tell when hate on the net goes past a comment here and there? Well my Dad knows. I thought of not bringing this up and let it go but the more I see the emails the more mad and upset I become so I found the best way 2 handle things is talk 2 ya'll about it. While I had a blast last week with Mikey and all I got a few emails that I think went beyond a nasty comment on a blog. Oh for the record just case some of u wanted 2 know when u have a blog its public and when you open it up 2 public comments u must take the good with the bad just like people in the public eye so despite what people think coz my Dad works 4 the government its hard 2 prove hate or stalkin when u have a blog.

Now back to the emails I got. This is a whole different ball game and yes I have already gave them to my Dad. These emails come from 3 different people or 1 person acting like three I'm not sure yet. Now with these emails he went beyond blog hate to personal hate that's what my Dad said. Reason I bring this up is there is no secret there are a few bloggers out there that I dislike hell even hate but they earn it and I'm not bringin up old shit just they coz me a lot of heartache and tears so there for they earn the hate they get from me. Again the reason I bring this up was they were spoke of in the email. I don't think they sent it I think I know who it was but right now I am not going 2 say.

Another reason I am speakin about this so ya'll know what's going on incase something happens. Some of the things this person claim he was gonna do scared me and I think the more people know the more scared he will b 2 really try somethin. Course I bet it was all words and he would never come from behind his puter but u never know. These people have tried 4 over 2 years now 2 prove that I am not real and I am still here Mikey is still here and we r not going anywhere so now u have 2 send emails that threaten 2 out us or the last email how u put it "I will put a sniper bullet in your head" very clever and my Dad is on it and he will take your ass down! So I say bring it on you bitches!!!!!!!

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Locked & Loaded in Atlanta!
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