12 Years Old NOT!

Last time I check I was 19 years old how come I still get treated like I'm 12 years old or something. let me explain what I am talking about yesterday I went 2 c the doctor coz my sugar has been all over the board he tested it and of course it was out of whack. He took my true track downloaded the past 2 weeks c what readings I been getting of course they wasn't good. Then he turns around and starts 2 jump my ass. He is like Ryan when you gonna grow up you need 2 start taking better care of yourself you need 2 watch your nutrition u need 2 eat when your suppose and test your blood when your suppose 2 take your insulin your not a kid anymore its time you do theses things 4 yourself.

I wanted to go off on him and tell him I do but all I did was sit there and kept quiet like I was 12 years old. I then go over 2 the ear doctor coz my ears they itch so bad that I scratch them until they bleed. I have them raw inside and all scaby and when I wake up in the mornings they have this crusty stuff on the outside of them and on my pillow gross I know. Ok moving on 2 the ear doctor I went in waited my turn and then when back he came in ask how things were I said they r still itchy he look and said bout the same thing the other doctor said about growing up stop stickin things in my ears 2 scratch. I'm thinkin give something 2 put on them so they don't itch.

So with both doctors behind I am on my home thinkin am I old enough 2 drive coz I sure feel like I should b sittin in the back seat. I am pissed right thinkin how these guys talk 2 me so I can't wait 2 get home 2 talk 2 someone about all this first person I see was my Dad he's cleanin 1 of his old cars and I get out he said get this "how it go sport" he hasn't said that since u guessed it since I was a kid. I started tell about the doctor and he like went off you haven't been takin your insulin eating all kinds of crap dammit Ryan you know better why don't your act your age and take care of yourself! I am like omfg whatever!

So I am like Mom will understand so I am layin on my bed when she gets home and she comes in and yep I got jump by her 2. Finally I had enough and I lost it I started yelling telling them I was gonna leave move 2 West Virginia I told them I was tired them yelling at me tired of having diabetes tired of the hearing aids and itchy ears tired of being treated like I am 12 years old. I know I have 2 takes care of myself I know I have 2 watch what I eat I know I have 2 take my insulin along with my other meds but once in a while I wonder what a weekend away with a friend where I don't have 2 worry bout that stuff would feel like. Now I know it felt great!

Mom called Mikey had him all upset he called me cryin and all begging me 2 listen 2 them and take care of myself I told him I was and would I just wanted 2 c what it felt like 2 b normal. Then last night I was laying there sleepin my brother came into my room woke me up ask if he could talk 2 me I said sure what's up? He said I anit gonna preach at you coz u had enough of that today but I want 2 tell u I love u very much and if something would happen 2 u I would so sad. I started cryin he hug me said I didn't mean 2 make u cry I said u didn't it was just not like u 2 open up like that. He started cryin 2 and we hugged then I ask if he wanted 2 lay a bit and talk he said sure we fell asleep didn't wake up till this morning that meant the world 2 me that my 15 year brother cared enough 2 open up 2 me like that.

Oh soon as I get a chance I will have the Reed interview up sorry it's taken a little longer than what I wanted.

Later from Atlanta.
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