Little Update

I just want 2 say thanx 2 ya'll I never knew the power of this blog and how much people cared. If this world could be like ya'll we wouldn't have all this hate going on! Again thanx 4 the comments and emails and all the support. All I want 2 say right now is me and Mikey are talkin and tryin 2 work things out.
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Just know what happen was all my fault and not Mikey's. Maybe sometime I will talk about what happen but for now I just want to work this out coz I don't want 2 lose him. He is either gonna come here this weekend or I am going there. I think it will be the best way 2 work it out it's so hard to do over the phone. He's gonna let me know later today if he can come down.

I was cleanin up my laptop and found some random pics thought I would share with u. Also later this week I hope 2 get 2 a nascar post I know some of u have ask us 2 explain the point system and all so I want 2 do that also The winner of sunday's nascar race was maybe caught cheating I want 2 talk about that also. 1 more thing is anyone having troubles loadin this blog? Is the tv a problem? Coz if it is I can take it down google just wanted it up 4 a week and then we could take it down. Any other problems with the blog leave us a comment or email and we will try 2 fix it.

Thanx again from Atlanta!

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