Over the weekend 1 of my Uncles my Dads Brother was in town with his family. Now 4 those that don't know let me give u a little history. Most of my Dad's people live out of the country my Dad himself is not from here. So my Uncle who is the only 1 that lives in America came 2 visit with his family my Dad was happy. They wanted 2 stay at a motel but my Dad wouldn't have that besides our house is big enough 4 many people so they stayed. First things went well but for some reason they were watching over there kids like hawks. I felt deep inside me something not right but then I thought maybe it was me I wasn't feeling well.

Seem like things were ok when they were playing with my Brother & Sister but when I came downstairs they would jump up and go sit where the kids were. Oh btw there is 2 kids a boy 8 and a girl 10. I would come down take some meds talk a bit and go right back up 2 bed. Well my Brother came in and ask if I notice anything funny with our Uncle and Aunt I told him I did but I thought it was me. He said it wasn't coz he felt it also. So we both went back down and they were getting ready 2 retire 4 the night and my parents went on 2 bed and I was just kinda standing around and my Brother said he would show the kids were 2 sleep my Uncle said that's ok there gonna sleep in the room with us. Course my Brother ask why and my Aunt said they get scared at night in a strange place.

Me & my Brother went upstairs he came into my room said something not right I said yeah I know. Deep down inside I had this gut feeling I knew what. A few minutes later Mom came in ask what's going on so we told her she said she thought something was up and in the morning she would get 2 the bottom of it. So move on 2 breakfast Mom said we should go into town and do some shopping maybe the flea market just the adults. My Dad said what a good idea my Uncle spoke up said maybe they kids should go it would be fun for them also. My Dad said there was a lot 2 do 4 kids here ride the pony's all kinds of stuff and My uncle said 2 my Dad can I talk 2 u a second. They went into the other room wasn't 2 long all hell broke loose.

Course all this yelling going on we went in and my Mom ask what's going on my Dad spoke up and said they don't want 2 leave the kids alone with Ryan. OMFG you would have thought someone done kick my Mom and she went off. My Uncle told her he didn't have a problem with what I was but didn't want 2 leave his kids with a person like my type. Course what did I do I started crying ran out the room 2 my Room I could hear my Mom & Brother both going off but I was 2 hurt 2 stay or even defend myself. I called Mikey right away he couldn't understand what I was saying coz I was upset thank God my Brother came in 2 tell him. My parents ask them 2 leave and my Dad told him not 2 call him or ever come back.

My Dad came in the room told me how sorry he was that he had someone in the house that felt that way about me and he would never be back. I just hugged him I know in some ways my Dad wish I wasn't gay and I know he don't totally understand it all but I know this much I know my Dad loves me and what he did 4 me meant the world 2 me. I just don't understand how my Uncle could think just coz I am gay I would do anything 2 hurt his kids. Is the world that fuck up that people think that crazy shit? I am gay I am not a child molester it hurts me 2 think my Uncle looks at me as 1.

That's all from Atlanta today!
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