What's UPS Thinking?

Most of you I have lots of problems with my ears and will be having surgery soon for like the 5th time on them. Anyway I have never let my hearing keep me down even though I wear hearing aids without them I can't hear anything I still do what I want when I want and never let it hold me down. So today I am doing what I normally do drinking coffee and reading the news when I came across this story and 2 say the least it pissed me off what is UPS thinking? Let me know what you think.

Court Says UPS Must Hire Deaf Drivers

POSTED: 6:58 am EDT October 11, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO -- A federal appeals court is ruling against UPS -- saying the company is wrong to automatically prevent the deaf and the hearing-impaired from driving parcel delivery trucks.

The court in San Francisco is upholding a lower court ruling that said the company violated anti-discrimination laws, by refusing to let those drivers show that they can do the job safely and effectively.

UPS said it's a safety issue, and that it's not discriminating.

In its ruling, the appeals panel said UPS was only able to offer "anecdotal testimony" about drivers avoiding accidents because they heard warning sounds. But the court said the company didn't show that the accidents couldn't have been avoided by a deaf driver using different driving techniques or additional mirrors or cameras on the truck.

I want 2 say thanx 2 all of u for the comments and emails on my family problem it's great 2 know that I have friends out there like u willing 2 step in and take over when a family member is being an ass. I agree with ya'll I feel sorry 4 them kids growing up 2 hate. Maybe someday we can all leave together as humans without all the hate!

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