American Idoit

I am sure like most of u I watch Bush try 2 tell us why we need more troops in Iraq. The problem is I like many of u aren't fallin 4 his lies. Why should we believe anything he tells us when he couldn't and still can't take of the people in New Orleans. We keep sending money and troops over there and for what? I know what it's all about just like many of u it's all about the oil. All he is doing now is makin American's look like jackass's 2 the rest of the world. Sending more troops over there won't help it's only gonna get more American Troops killed. How many troops have 2 die b4 someone steps up and say enough is enough and stop this moron from doing whatever he want's.

This just makes me sick 2 my stomach I bet some of u remember my neighbor that's in the army I posted about on here. He was over there and he said they didn't want us there and some of his friends I talk 2 that's in the army are sayin the same thing if the Iraqi people don't want us there then I say get out. Why don't we put the money 2 good use and help the people of New Orleans get back on there feet send are troops down there 2 clean up and get that city built back like it was and even better b4 the storm. When I think about what Katrina did and I look at what are government did 2 help them people I hang my head in shame.

Now about this company I have workin with me and Mikey on this blog and getting us ads and some new things comin soon let me just answer a few questions. I know I could have went and signed up as an affiliate myself but u know I didn't have the time 2 sit and go 2 ever place and do all the signin up and whatever u have 2 do 2 get there ads on our blog doing it with this company they do it 4 me. They ask me what kinda things we liked and then they went 2 work and he would call and tell me who said yes and who said no so 4 me it was easier 2 do it this way. Also they are working on some other things 4 us that will b comin soon. Has any of the ads slow this page from loading? It hasn't 4 me but I'm on cable so I don't know. Oh soon I will have a post on some that have said no about ads on this blog I think it will shock some of u.

That's it from Atlanta takin my sick butt back 2 bed where my sick man is.

Who use 2 live in this castle?
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