Not a good Friend

Something I thought I would never hear but when I woke up this mornin that is what I heard from a voice mail on my cell phone. It caught me off guard 2 say the very least I always try 2 b a good friend hell I would even say a great friend but then have some 1 tell me I am not a good friend. What am 2 think now maybe I'm not maybe I am a bad friend. Let me take u into a little bit of the voice mail a friend called I never heard the phone ring then again maybe coz I'm sick with the flu maybe it's coz I didn't have my hearing aids in coz again of the flu I was just feelin like shit. If I don't have them in I can't hear anything but I go on 2 the voice mail. She said how I knew u wasn't gonna answer you never answer anymore Ryan she went on 2 say how we were friends but since Mikey moved here I have no time 4 her and I just put her on the back burner. This is not true I call almost everyday and yeah I haven't hung out as much since Mikey moved here but I was tryin 2 spend a little more time with him coz I know he's homesick am I bad person 4 this? She went on 2 tell me the reason I have no friends coz I don't know how 2 b 1 and she went on and on but 2 sum it up she said I wasn't a good friend damn I don't know maybe she's right this sucks!

It's the weekend now go out and make it a great 1!

Later from a not so good friend in Atlanta
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