Well ya'll know how easy it 4 me 2 catch the flu and yep I have it again not only that but Mikey has it 2 now. Mom has her hands full now coz my Brother has it 2. U might have notice some new things going on around the blog I wanted 2 say something about it real quick b4 I go back 2 bed. Me and Mikey meet this cool guy who is helpin us out with the blog and there will b more changes comin soon. He got us some ads from some good company's even NBC. I wanted 2 say any money made from them will all go 2 the Matthew Shepard Foundation I think its a good coz and I never really started a blog 2 make money with in the first place but I need the support 2 make this blog grow even bigger but I will make sure every dime it makes will go 2 help fight hate and 2 try 2 help people understand. So if u see something from an ad on this blog click on it coz its going 2 a good place. That's it 4 now I need 2 lay back down we will try 2 post soon when were feelin better.

Sick in Atlanta

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