First Homesick Now Just Sick

I don't guess Im saying anything new when I say being sick sucks, and it's not a good kind of sucking either hehe. Ive only had the flu one other time in my life and I think it was when I was 11 I believe. I don't remember it being this bad, leave it up to Ryan to have a more powerful flu bug the big brat. Im feeling a whole lot better though thanks to Ryans mom. I think she could have been a nurse if she had wanted to. She's been so busy taking care of Ryan his little brother and me I was woried about her business but she has a office here at the house and she says she has good people to take care of stuff for her so it's fine she says. One thing she did that sucked is she made me move to one of the spare bedrooms while Im sick. Yes I know why she did it cause neither one of us would ever get well in the same bed. Like I said Im a lot better now Ryans still not feeling good cause of his immune system it takes him a lot longer to get over it. Im still in another bedroom but with him most of the day. One thing that came out of me having the flu is I got fired, well actually I told the guy to stick his job up his ass so I quit first. So I got the flu and of course Im not going to go to work with it. I called in the first nite and he said ok. I told him I had the flu then and maybe he better find someone for the next week. He says no you have no right to be missing a week of work and you just started. So I just let it go but was mad as hell told him ok but knew in the back of my mind what I was gonna tell this asshole. So next nite I called in he says what did I tell you about missing work. So I said look asshole I feel like shit and Im not coming in to work with the flu. How long I been there has nothing to do with it. You can take your job and stick it up your ass, then hung up on him. He didn't call back so I reckon he understood me. So Im just getting over the flu now and Im out of a job. Ryans happy cause he didn't like me working nites anyway. So I guess Im back to laying around the house waiting on my man to come home everyday. Im just kidding theres always stuff to do around here to help out so ill make myself useful. I might even go to work with Ryan and see if I can help out down there once hes up and around.

Oh and I almost forgot about this. I dont see how Ryan jumped up out of bed and went crazy when it happened. His friend from school who drives for Nascar stopped by the other day. He left tickets for Ryan and me to go to the Daytona 500 and pit passes to get back in the pits. He also said if we wasn't busy we could come down and spend the week leading up to the race with him, its called Speedweek and they do all kinds of cool stuff during it. We dont know about the whole week but were definitely going to the race. Its not till Feb 18 so we got over a month to get Ryan well. Even if he wasn't I think me and his mom would have our hands full keeping him from going.

I also wanted to let everyone know like you don't already but Ryan is the best friend in the world. I don't know what the hell his "friend" was talking about in her message she left him.

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