The Day I Wanted

Yesterday a prayer of mine and all of yours was answered. Mikey open his eyes at 5:14 pm and what pretty eyes they are. He was very scared he didn't remember what happen. He can't talk with the tubes and things they have stuffed down him all he could do is shake his head yes or no. He held my hand and wouldn't let go for a long time all I could do was cry and he squeeze my hand and shake his head no I knew he wanted me 2 stop and not 2 worry but that's me I can't help it. I don't know what lies ahead for him now all I know is no matter what I am going to be there thru it all he will not go thru anything alone. I want to thank everyone for the prayers I think as a group God heard us and gave Mikey back to me. Ok I am gonna start crying again if I don't stop. I was gonna stay with him last night but about 10pm he squeeze my hand and then pointed 2 the door I knew he wanted me 2 go home and rest and 4 the first time in a long time I did. Something that I found very special was I ask him if he wanted my Mom or his Mom 2 stay the night he shook his head no and pointed 2 my Dad so my Dad ask him if he wanted him 2 stay he shook his head yes and my Dad did stay that 2 me was very special.

Before I forget and I need 2 get I want 2 get back 2 Mikey we had some news about this blog but with all that happen I forgot as you can see there is some new ads and other things going on with the blog. I want 2 say thanks 2 Keith for helping out with it and doing some of what we talked about. Keith is a web designer and one of the best if you ask me. So thanks Keith!

To All of You that said kinds words and gave me and Mikey prayers and sent cards posted on your blogs about Mikey I will never be able 2 say Thank You enough! It does this Southern Boys Heart good 2 see that there is still love and care in this world. I will try 2 keep ya'll updated when I can. When I think there is no hope left for this world I see a group of people I blog with that I call friends show me more hope than I could every dream of. Your the Best! Thanks Again!

Love 2 all my Blog Friends from Atlanta!
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