Updated on Mikey

Just wanted 2 give ya'll a quick update on Mikey he's doing ok but not doing as good as I hoped he would be. They tell me it's gonna take time and I know but it's hard when you want things like they were before. They did take the tubes out of his mouth but he has trouble talking and remembering words and he gets very upset real quick. He's slurring his words also they think that will get better and he is in pain a lot the other night he didn't want me 2 leave so of course I didn't most the time he want's my Dad 2 stay with him. Speaking of my Dad we had a long talk last night and he told me some of the things I should except things I didn't want 2 hear coz it upset me he also told me we would do what it takes 2 make Mikey well again and when it's time we will bring him home with all the care he needs. I know I keep saying it but thanks for the comments and emails Mikey knows I have read them 2 him they help me more than u know. I will have a post soon about friends coz I sure found out who my true friends were. I just got a lot on my mind right now so look 4 that post soon. I will also keep u updated on Mikey as soon as I can thanks again 4 being my friends!
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