Normally I don't take emails I get and share them but this 1 just got 2 me I had 2 share. I emailed Elise the lady that wrote it and asked if it was ok. I just feel what she had 2 say should be shared with the rest of the world. Many times over when I think this world just plain sucks and many people in it someone comes along and gives me hope that there still are good people in this world. Ya'll know the shit comments I have been getting from a group I will not name then one day I check my email and open it up 2 this wonderful letter. So I want to say thanx 2 Elise for taking the time 2 write me and Mikey and want 2 say the same thing I always say. I must sound like a broken record but thanx 2 all of u that leave comments and emails the cards I can't never say thanx enough and how it makes both of us feel that so many care.

I will have an update on Mikey later this weekend so keep checking back. Also look around the blog Keith has been working on it again. As much as I didn't want to Keith had 2 remove the missing children ad something with their ad I guess was messing up some of ya'lls computers when you tried 2 open our webpage. I will be working with them as soon as I can 2 put something back up for the kids that don't hurt your loading of our blog. I haven't said anything 2 Mikey about the shit comments coz I don't want him all upset. I know if I ask him 4 the login and password he will want 2 know what for. So for now do what I do when you see their hate just look right past it and when I get a chance I will remove and ban them from leaving any hate comments. Well off to the hospital thanks again Elise and 2 all the readers!

Dear Ryan and Mike:

I have tears of joy at the news that Mikey woke up, and seemed to recognize his loved ones. Oh, what a wonderful, positive sign. I truly believe God means for the two of you to be together, and hey--you have barely gotten started on your journey! I have been very anxious and upset like so many of your readers, waiting for this good news.

I am sure you are wondering who I am. My name is Elise. I am a 40+ straight woman, currently single, from Chicago---not a lot in common at first glance!

I have been reading your blog for about 6 months now. I found you in a round-about way, I think through a Brokeback Mountain site, which led me to Best Gay Blogs, and then your site.

I have been blessed in my life by knowing a number of gay guys and gals, some through work or school, and some became very, very close friends that I consider to be among my "loved ones." I have lost many to AIDS, but treasure the time I had with them. I can't really explain why I have always felt a strong connection with gays--mostly guys---every person is unique and I don't believe in labeling people or putting them in categories. I certainly haven't liked every gay guy I have met, just like I haven't liked every straight guy or gay girl or straight girl, etc. Maybe I have just been lucky enough to meet ones who have a more sensitive nature and character that I am drawn to in any person.

Naturally, I was very excited by Brokeback Mountain, and interested in reading everything I could about it. It is a beautiful and heartbreaking love story that also makes me very, very angry, because these boys lived in a place that did not allow them to love openly-----and that is still true today. I just don't understand why so many people spend their time and energy being hateful, instead of rejoicing and helping when 2 people find precious love!!!

I am a sucker for a good love story--I admit it!

Anyway, that is a long introduction as to how I discovered you. I am filled with such joy at being able to share your beautiful love story!. You guys are truly special. You write from the heart, which is so cool because it is just totally honest. I think it is amazing that you found each other, and that you decided to share your story with strangers on the internet, like me.

I love reading about your feelings for each other, and your families (good and bad), and for your hometowns, and racing, and politics, and everything! You just tell it like it is, and that's what makes people like me interested in following your story.

You both have a goodness and sweetness about you--ok, I'm getting mushy, but you know I'm right--and I just want to give you big hugs and sit down and shoot the shit with you, and laugh, and cry.

I wish you all the best for Mikey's recovery, however long that takes, and that you can get back on the road together, wherever that is. You know, Ryan, that you need to stay healthy, first for yourself, but also for Mikey. Listen to your 2 Moms!!!!!!!

Take care--you will still be in my prayers,

Sending Love From Atlanta!
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