Takin it Easy

I think this weekend I'm just relax take care of Corey and do some thinkin. I have a lot on my mind on what 2 do with this blog as far as comments. Not sure what 2 do yet. Just don't understand why people come here and try 2 discredit me or wish harm on me and other gay's. It seems that if they didn't approve of me or this blog they would move on but they must come back on a daily basis just to spew hate or whatever they spew. The thing that gets me the most is unlike FatBoy Mark whom has always been open about his thoughts and has never hid. These people come here leave comments and hide who they are I call them chicken shit least Mark don't hide even if he don't like me. One thing Mark you said I wanted to address is you say I write for comments if this was true then why do I do Nascar posts when I know they don't get comments? Why do I write on other blogs and they don't get comments but I write on them almost everyday? Yes I like comments the support is great and that's why I started blogging in the first place and I have met some wonderful people that I call friends.

This weekend I and Corey are just gonna hide at our house lay by the pool maybe in the hot tub and relax and try to understand this hate. Corey also said thanx 2 all the well wishes but I knew u would you people that show love all the time are true friends.

Later Enjoy Your Weekend!
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