Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, Corey started it so I guess I'll do a little of what I am thankful for. I'm thankful for my family for accepting me for who I'm am. I am thankful for finding Corey. I am thankful for all my blogging friends ya'll are the best in the world! I'm thankful for so called friends that tell me they love me and then take an email I sent them and put on another blog 2 make fun of me. I'm thankful for sending an email 2 so called friends and tryin 2 make peace for them 2 never write back. I'm thankful for those so called friends who think I am a spoiled brat and my parents need 2 cut the strings. I am very thankful for Mikey!

Happy Thanksgiving 2 all my true friends!

Uncle Gerry

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10 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:

    You know I love you.

  2. elise Says:

    me too....and I love your drawing--that's you on the left and Corey on the right, right? You should post more of your work!

    gobble gobble hugs and kisses....

  3. Polt Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Ryan, my boy.


  4. Lewis Says:

    From one TURKEY to another one...happy dayto you guys. Love you lots.

  5. Scotty Says:

    Hope you and yours has a great holiday and for anything i have said...I would like to publicly say I am sorry. You you and Mikey are well and doing good.

  6. Uncle Gerry Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving nephew, it is an honor to be your friend. Give my love to Corey, Mike, Bubba and most certainly your parents for being the loving people they are.

  7. sillyboi Says:

    You will always be loved Ryan. Corey and all your family. Have a happy safe Thanksgiving and know I will be thinking of you. *hugs to all of your family from mine to yours. Love ya buddy and I am glad to be considered one of your special true friends. Love ya buddy.

  8. Ed Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Ryan and Corey. I am so honored to be considered your friend. I wish to never do anything to make you doubt my sincere affection for you both. I'm sorry to hear some have used your kindness to hurt you back. May they slide nude down a giant razor blade into an Iodine pit. Hugs and Gay air kisses. Ed

  9. Matt Says:

    Hope you had a swell Turkey day and morning after of shopping!! I agree with Corey on the craziness of 3 AM shopping, but my mom, dad, and sister all do it too!! I hope you caught all the great deals. Take care my friend, and talk to you soon I am sure.

  10. patti_cake Says:

    I guess it takes all kinds to be thankful for but the one who took the email and made fun of you needs a good SMACK. I'm thankful for my friends who are happy and healthy. Hugs!