Best Time Ever

I had a Thanksgiving I will always remember. I will have more later I'm going out with Ryan's brother to ride the dirt bikes. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. If your wondering where Ryan is one guess yes out with his mom shopping they were up and gone at 3am that's crazy!

9 Responses
  1. Ed Says:

    I'm glad to hear that you had a great time with your new family, Corey. About those pictures: Ryan is going to kick your Ass!
    I enjoy shopping too but don't have any money. Some day I hope to be dripping in money and not have to worry about where my next dollar is coming from.

  2. Laurie Says:

    Hey Sweetie!

    So glad you had a good Thanksgiving. You deserve the best!
    Loves ya TONS!

  3. Says:

    Good news mate. Enjoy the ride.

  4. Uncle Gerry Says:

    I agree that Ryan will probably kick your ass about the pictures but I know you can "take the heat", glad you had a great day, have fun in the UK.

  5. Martin Says:

    Glad you had such a great day!

    And a great family & friends to spend it with!

  6. sillyboi Says:

    Corey, *shakes my head* your gonna dig yourself a whole you cant get out of with the pictures. Just remember thats a pretty long flight to the UK. LOL But you'll be fine. I am so glad you had a great time and everything at Thanksgiving. I am glad you could spend it with loving caring family. *hugs to you*
    Love alwyas your friend Tim

  7. Bob In Florida Says:

    Well we know what the boy in the second picture is dreaming of, but what on the mind of the boy in the FIRST pic? OMG!


  8. Lewis Says:

    I love those COLORED GLASSES on the table.....but, hey, 3am? Nuts. Absolutely nute.s

  9. patti_cake Says:

    Glad you had a good one! (i'm a closet thumb sucker too Shhhh don't tell anybody i'm a LOT older!)