What the hell is going on with Hollywood 2 young actors gone in a weeks time what the hell? Where are there friends? I heard on the news Heath's friends saying they were worried about him and Brad's manager said they failed him come on you seen they were going thru something why didn't you as there friends step in and do something? Hell I go thru depression all the time but I have family and friends that won't let me be alone. How many young actors do we have 2 lose before someone steps up and becomes a real friend? What a shame we lose these 2 actors like this.

Rest in Peace Guys we will miss ya!
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  1. Martin Says:

    I was shocked to hear about Heath Ledger earlier this evening right after I got home from work and went online. My first thought was..What's going on in Hollywood? First Brad, now Heath.

    It's really sad that someone didn't notice something was wrong and try to help.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I just finished watching Bareback Mountain again. Sort of as a tribute to Heath. I always cry at the end when he cries. I've lost my BFF on Christmas Day but he was sick for a long time. It is senseless to let these people die with an overdose of drugs. Only the good die young. I'm old enough to die without anybody caring. All of my friends are gone except those in the Blogging World. I need you guys more than you know. Ed

  3. Lewis Says:

    Sad and nutty, isn't it? I feel so sad for the family, for those who idolize Hollywood stars, for those addicted to drugs/alcohol. And for horrible accidents.

  4. Laurie Says:

    I'm still upset. The hubby told me
    about it before the news came on.
    I cried. And still feel like crying
    too. :(

  5. Uncle Gerry Says:

    I was greatly saddened by the news of Heath's death as he was one of my favorite actors. We may never know why and can only ask "Where indeed were his friends?" I, like Ed, am certainly grateful for the support I receive online from my friends in the blogging world who have kept me from following the world into insanity.

  6. Patti Says:

    I was very shocked to hear about Heather yesterday as I was about Brad last week. You are right, so very very sad.

  7. Tim Says:

    I can't blame hollywood when they did it to themselves i've had 2 friends that overdosed and it was their fault for mixing drugs. Hollywood might give them money but it's still their responsibility to behave responsibly. I just hope that people learn from their mistakes and realize that they aren't invincible.

  8. D-Man Says:

    Yes, I hope this reminds us all to stay away from drugs and to rely on our friends when we need them the most.