Stop or you'll go blind

I was looking around on you tube normally you can find funny videos on there. Well I found one that i find so funny I am not sure what year it was done had to be the 60's or 70's I can't tell I don't know the difference between the clothes styles back then. Anyway this has 2 do with a mom catching her son masturbating. The funny part is I remember being caught the first time but it was totally different then this video coz I wasn't hiding under the covers I was totally naked laying on top of the bed looking at a pic of a hot guy. I remember my mom saying when your done come and talk 2 me and your dad. Of course my parents are totally open about nudity in the house and they were about masturbation also they told me it was mine and 2 play with as much as I want. Of course they told me be careful where I do it and all that went with it. I think after my brother started cumming and my ex boyfriend staying with us she got tired of all that dried cum I don't know if ya'll remember the note she left us about cumming in the shower I'll have 2 see if I can find it and post it again it was so funny. Anyway I love masturbation even tho I am with Mikey I still like it just something about pleasing yourself. How about any of you you remember the first time you were got masturbating? Well that's it 4 today boys and girls enjoy the video and then go enjoy yourself!


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  1. Polt Says:

    Cant see the video, I'm at work. But I remember when Mom caught me. I rolled over as the door opened, pretended I was looking on the other side of the bed for something....with a blanket hastily thrown over my nether regions. She HAD to know what was going on, but she insisted on standing there and asking me a few stupid questions about supper or some such junk...I think to amuse herself at my situation.

    Yeah, she was like that. Guess it's no surprise I turned out the way I did. :)


  2. Cheeky Says:

    That video is HILARIOUS!

  3. Uncle Gerry Says:

    The video looks to be early 70's from the looks of the clothes, hair and poster on the door. Sexual repression was the rule in my house and privacy was not allowed so I was never caught as I did it outdoors or at my friends houses who were allowed privacy.

  4. Patti Says:

    I can't see the vid either. I have never been caught hehe....

    I plan on being open about sexuality with my daughter. I think it's best.

  5. Lewis Says:

    I don't remember ever being caught...probably because the doors were locked, barred, and with a dresser in front of them. I was scared to death to be caught! Your post reminds me a little of one I'm going to have up later sure and check it out....on nudism, nakedness, etc. Maybe that's why I had to wear glasses from the First Grade....because I was going blind.

  6. Anonymous Says:
    Great post! Hahaha! What a video! I remember being caught...I don't remember how it went but I was in like 6th grade. :oP

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I remember it very well. I was a freshman in High School. My parents are Fundametalist Pentecostals. Masterbation is a big sin. The only bigger sin is having sex with another guy. As you can see I was Fucked.
    I was in a storage building and just as I started coming I heard my mom calling my name. I tried to hide but she came in and saw something sticky smeared on the concrete floor. She said the phrase that put fear in my eyes and made me shake uncontrollably, "Just wait until your father gets home!" I was nervous all through dinner and after dinner watching The Jackie Gleason Show, so far so good.
    I went to bed and hoped all was forgotten but I heard Dad opening the door to me and my sisters bedroom. He had been told and ordered to make sure I nver did it again. I could see in his eyes that he didn't want to punish me but straight men always do what their woman wants them too. He didn't say a word just pulled down my covers and my pajama bottoms and whooped my ass with his belt. When he was done he said stop crying and tossed the covers back over my sore red Ass. I never got caught again. It was harder hiding my being queer though. My parents did their best trying to whip their kids into shape I guess we were just to much like the devil and no good. It's a wonder I'm so normal, haha. Ed

  8. Laurie Says:

    heehee! I think that is just too
    funny! I know the boy does it but
    he swears he don't I don't care
    what he does with it so long as I
    don't see it or have to clean it up.
    There was one time when he wanted
    to see what his 'little swimmers'
    looked like and left the room with
    a plastic cup and returned like
    15 mins later and asked if I wanted
    to see it. HELL NO!
    He's a teenager that's for sure.

    HUGS and KISSES more to Corey

  9. D-Man Says:

    There was this lame little slide-bolt lock on the door in the room I was sharing with my brother. I was just about finished when he and some friends tried to open the door. I couldn't stop and finished right as he broke though (he thought the door was just stuck). I rolled over just in time and pretended to be asleep. That was the closest I ever, uh, came to being caught.

  10. elise Says:

    Fun topic!

    The video is a hoot...

    I never got caught, but my mom (a nurse) taught sex ed in the schools, so it probably would have been no big deal...

    but I do wear glasses!

    It was obviously easier for us girls to control when we engaged in such activities, since we did not have an unruly appendage that would "pop up" at unpredictable times..he-he.....

  11. Polt Says:

    I think, in a few years, when he's older, Ricky would be very very shaggable!!!! He's too young now, kinda like a minnow that needs thrown back into the pond, but give him a few years, and yum-ME!


  12. Chicka Says:

    Does getting caught by your kids count? LOL!

  13. Dan Says:

    That video was a little creepy...Did anyone else think the mum was an alien or something? I know no one that talks like that.

    I haven't been caught by my parents...but I was caught by my sister a few years ago. I was naked, on top of the bed, watching porn on my laptop...she marched right in and saw the whole thing, yelped, and marched right out again.

    I can laugh now but I wanted to die when it happened. Now I think of it, she hasn't marched right in since...always waits for me to answer when she knocks lol