Idol & Terminator

Did anybody watch America Idol this week? I did but I have 2 be honest I am not into like I had been before. Maybe the right person hasn't came along yet 2 pull into it. I did all I could 2 stay awake Wednesday night 2 watch it. Now I have 2 trash Simon a little don't get me wrong I think he makes the show without him it would be rather boring. Saying that tho I do get pissed at him from time 2 time with some of his comments. I think it was Tuesday night when he made a fat comment about this guy that I felt was un called for. Just like last year with his gay comment. Has he look in the mirror lately? He looks like one of those guys from the 50's what did they call them cruisers? His shirts are way 2 tight if u ask me. What's the deal him saying something about Americans being happy when someone else get's good news don't they do that in England? I bet they do anyway I like Simon I think he makes the show but I feel sometimes he goes 2 far. I don't know as of now if I missed a show I don't think I would miss it just something different this year I guess.

Now Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles this I feel is a good show. I like the movies but wasn't like into them like other people but thought they were good movies. Thank God for DVD's huh I was just a little guy when the first Terminator came out. I watch all the movies before the series came on so I would be all caught up again. Yes it helps that there is a cute ass boy in it. If your onto SiFi movies and series you should check this out I think it's well worth it.

Oh Thanx for yesterday all the comments and emails it means the world 2 me that I have so many people that care.
Have a Good Weekend!
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  1. Laurie Says:

    I watched Idol the other night and
    YEAH! that farmer boy can work my
    farm ANY time! I still haven't
    watched the TERMINATOR show. I have
    too really.

    I'll always be there for you. No
    matter how many mile seperate us.
    You are my boy.

    also, i live the golden girls!
    Betty White and Estel Getty are
    my favs.

  2. Uncle Gerry Says:

    You know we are there for you, you just have to remember you are loved by a great many people for who you are. It does not hurt that you are drop dead gorgeous but that is beside the point. You are a great person and a loyal friend. I am honored that you call me friend and uncle.

  3. Lewis Says:

    Hey, did you know that today is Betty White's birthday (from Golden Girls)??? Or did you just happen to post their pic on accident? WILD! As for discrimination, check out my post in remembrance of this weekend's MLK Day:

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I have to comment using Anonymous but I hope you consider me a real friend. You've sent me e-mails in the past so I know you have my addy. Anytime you need or want to e-mail me be sure and just do it. I am old but I hope my years have taught me something that might help you. Hugs, Ed

  5. elise Says:

    My Sweet Ryan--- Well, I am not old enough to be a 'Golden Girl', but I AM honored to be your friend!

    Laurie is so right--it doesn't matter how many miles lie between us---thanks to modern technology!

    love and hugs to you and Mikey...

  6. Martin Says:

    Wow-long time-no comments from me!
    Sorry about that Ryan. Haven't deserted you or Mikey-you're still my favorite bloggers! Lately I've been reading blogs and websites using a feed reader program that grabs the RSS feeds from a lot of sites at once, which is faster than going to each site. And since I'm still using my old computer, it's faster, but doesn't allow me to add comments. (I know this all sounds kinda geeky)

    Anyway hope you guys are doing well. And I agree with you on "The Sarah Connors Chronicles". It's a great show and that boy is hot! :)

  7. Bob In Florida Says:

    Umm, click on that pic of the boy lying on the bed, then if you turn the screen sideways (so he's vertical) you can see that he has quite the chubby for that girl! A "Christian" boy as well, heh-heh-heh.

    You're a great guy, Ryan. Glad you and Mikey are working things out.

  8. Patti Says:

    Simon's an ass sometimes but he makes the show I have to say!