American Idol

Ok I got Mikey hook on Idol and he has me hook on Big Brother. I am gonna do a post about Idol and when and if he feels like it he can do one on Big Brother. Anyway our pick 2 win American Idol is David Archuleta he is only 17 years old and stole the hearts of many young girls and older girls I'm sure as well as all the gay boys out there. Now without sounding like a freak coz we are older than 18 not but much but we are. David is one little hottie! But that is not the reason we have picked him well it's part of it but he really can sing also. Yes it don't hurt him at all that he is well so dreamy! Do any of you watch Idol or Big Brother what do you think? I would love 2 hear your thoughts on them shows.

Oh lets not forget about Danny Norriega he is very good but I don't think he will win it. Oh Danny whatever you do don't let that flame go out we are pulling for you also! His flame burns so bright for all of us!
Later from Atlanta!
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  1. Laurie Says:

    I just LOVE that boy David. He is
    sooooo cute and sooooo modest!
    Just makes him even cuter!

    Call later!


  2. Uncle Gerry Says:

    did you see the pics of him in a gay bar on Towleroad? The boy is definitely a cutie and he can sing pretty good too!

  3. Carl Says:

    David is my pick also. He has a great voice. I was worried when he say Imagine, which is one of my all time favorite songs. I was worried it was giong to be trashed, but I did like his version. I wish he would have had enough time to sing the whole song.

  4. Bob In Florida Says:

    Unless they're going for a girl this year, David will win it. It was fun to see Ryan Seacrest openly flirting with him a week ago. I'm sure there's a MAJOR catfight going on between him and Paula to see who gets to sleep with him first.

    Danny Noriega is *SO* gay. It's funny. He made some snide comment to Simon with a little side-to-side headshake and Ryan said, "Careful, Simon will come back at you with two snaps!" Sooooo gay. But it's good to see it.

    I think they should bring back Josiah Leming.

  5. Troystopher Says:

    I picked David to win all the way back to the auditions and I know he will be the winner this year. He has all the makings of an American Idol!!!

    Glad we have the same taste! :0)

  6. Tim Says:

    I'm going with David too, he has amazing talent. I'm sorry to say I haven't even watched the girls perform yet.

  7. Ryan Field Says:

    I like Danny N. He looked so hot in those black pants, and those sexy lips. :-o

  8. elise Says:

    David A's "Imagine" was great--one of my favorite songs, and he gave it the beauty and respect it deserves. And he's cute!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    What's up with Simon? Is it me or is he a bigger Asshole than before? The guys all sang great and I was so happy for them then Simon came on and was all that song was so wrong and so Karaoke. They sang songs of the 70's and sounded wonderful.
    On big brother Ryan gives me the shivers and shakes. Adam is the only guy who is uncut and everybody had to look at him. Ed

  10. Patti Says:

    I have been an Idol fan for years but I am ashamed to say i've fallen by the wayside this year. I need to get with the program!

  11. Sexy Duet Says:

    We used to get American Idol on tv here but now it is only on pay tv which I dont have. I do love watching the Aussie versions of Idol and BB, even though I have to listen to Mr SD complaining when they are on.

    Ms SD

  12. kevin Says:

    I'm going with David, too. He's a talent, and it doesn't hurt that he's a cute.